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What You Need to Know About Paul Marciano

There are many legends in the whole world that have several extraordinary things. On the other side, we have other men who have decided to invest in a business and have come out successful. Paul Marciano is one of these great men who has managed to stand a chance in business and a co-founder of a co-founder of a certain company known as Guess. This great man is a fashion designer as well and is born in Morocco yet he is an American. There are various things that you need to know about this man and so if interested you can learn more about Paul Marciano on this website. As long as he is a businessman, he is an investor and a philanthropist. He has been advertising various things of which he has won many awards from the same. The advertisements are said to be black and white and if so then it means they were unique.

Paul Marciano is one of the stakeholders of the Guess Company and it is run by his brothers too. He happens to have three other brothers namely; Armand, Maurice, and Georges. It came a time and Paul Marciano was not able to run this company anymore due to the sexual harassment and he had to leave his co-founder brother to continue with the management. Since the company is an extension of the whole Marciano family, his other brothers will also be beneficiaries. The fact that Paul Marciano is a business person he is a benefactor of other large companies in different parts of the world. Due to the car collision accident that he got at an early age, he spends much of his time in the hospital and on a wheelchair that caused him to stop his studies. This is the reason he was able to join a clothing company that they had formed as a family. Learn more here at

The clothing company had shops in various places of the world which were run by his other brothers. At this time the family moved from France to the United States of America and they became popular where he developed an interest in politics. At this time his brothers had majored in business because they had started the world biggest company in clothing. Paul Marciano later with his brother formed an art foundation since they had gotten richer. Besides his social life, he has a personal life whereby he has been able to marry twice. Before processing a divorce with his first wife who was a photographer and a model, they had two children. He then later married the second wife who is still a model from France and blessed with two children. To know more ideas onart foundation guide, go to

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