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The Story of Paul Marciano and His Foundation

Paul Marciano is a common name in Hollywood but few people understand his story. He only realized he wanted to stay in the united states after our two-week vacation. His family came from Marseille France and had a strong passion for art. Once in the United States, he collaborated with this brother to create an advertising agency known as GUESS. The agency is well-known to feature some famous models who are only discovered after starring in the adverts. Since he wanted to fuel his passion for art, he and his brothers created by Marciano art foundation. The structure is positioned in the heart of Los Angeles and has about 110000 square foot of space.

The building was always known as the Scottish Rite Masonic Temple which was initially designed by Millard Sheets. In 1992, there were riots in Los Angeles which forced the National Guard to abandon their building in 1994. The masons found it quite expensive to maintain the structure and had to abandon it. This is where the Marciano art foundation was born, and they purchased the building in 2013. The Marciano brothers trusted architect Kulapat Yantrasast who transformed it into a fine art space.

The structure has more than four floors so the viewer can have a unique experience while checking out different exhibitions. The architect had a dream of maintaining the original architectural design from Millard Sheets so viewers can enjoy exhibitions in unconventional and traditional spaces. You will only find the tip of the iceberg when you visit the 5000 square foot sculpture garden which was completed by various special artists. The outdoor space has a lot of activity from the cafe, bookstore, at storage and parking space. Check this website here for more idea.

If you wish to pinpoint the specific location of the building, then you can visit their website where they provide a map. Learning more about Paul Marciano will open doors to different artwork you have never seen. The building contains art from multiple artists who come from different parts of the continent. The website explains the pieces the artists created and their inspiration, so you feel more connected once you visit the exhibition plus you learn more about them. Get more info here at

You can contact the foundation when you have enquiries or want a ticket. The foundation can organize group visits, but you have to consult with them to know and understand the process. You can follow the legend on his social media accounts to learn about his current ventures and be motivated to follow your dream. You can also learn more tips on art foundation guide, visit

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