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The Life of Paul Marciano

It was in the year 1952 in Debdou, Morocco when Paul Marciano was born. He has four other siblings Maurice, Jacqueline, Armand and Georges. He actually comes from a long line of rabbis. His father was a rabbi from 1954 to 1986. They grew up in apartment inside synagogue complex as well as Jewish Boy Scouts which all brothers were members of.

By the age of 15, Paul and his friend got involved in motorcycle accident to which they’re crushed by a speeding car. After doctors told him that he will never be able to walk again, he spent 7 more months in the wheelchair. Eventually, he has regained the use of his limbs after 18 months but wasn’t reaccepted to school for his long absence. Not being able to finish is school, he has travelled to Israel and live in kibbutz. 2 years later, Paul came back to Marseilles and worked as a salesman in jeans store. On weekends, he go to his other work in club to check coats together with his brother Georges who was at the front door while Maurice, who was stationed at the bar. Discover more here at

At this period, his brother began designing ties. Maurice worked with him to manufacture it while Paul sell these designs in Paris until selling all of it. From the ties, it transpired to blouses for women with one style, one color (all white) and one size. The success of their effort has led to opening their first company, MGA or Maurice, Georges and Armand. Their first store was in Bandol, in an old fish store on the side street back in 1973. They keep doing blouses and began manufacturing dresses the same as they did with blouses, one style, one size but with different prints and fabrics. They keep making pants and then moved on to jeans. They began selling stonewashed jeans in 1976 while managing 20 stores already. Get more ideas here at

Then on October 1977, the three went for a vacation at Beverly Hilton Hotel in LA. Eventually, they stayed for a month and a half more. Before leaving, they bought a condo unit and signed leases for couple more stores. Then three weeks later, Georges came back and stayed with Maurice. Two more years later, Paul and Armand arrived.

Paul left France together with his brother in 1981 for a number of reasons. This was the same year when they actually started their new company in America. To gain more knowledge onart foundation guide, go to

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